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How do I add an entry?
  • Before adding an entry, please check that it is not currently in the quiz library.
  • Type in the above box the spelling of the keyword, in kanji or hiragana, and then click Search.
  • The pronunciation and the inferred rubies are listed in the tables below. Look for the entry you are going to add.
  • Before you proceed, check that the inferred rubies of that entry is correct. Correct any mistakes in them by clicking the  button and edit in the textarea below. Mistakes are likely to occur especially when there are consecutive kanjis.
  • Click the  button to display the example sentences. Tick the checkbox on the left if an example is deemed appropriate.
  • Definitions and example sentences start loading once the page is ready. However, failures may occur due to network problems.  In such cases, click the loading buttons to reload the definitions or example sentences.
  • If there is no audio available, you may click the  button to look for pronunciations on
  • Once the rubies, definitions and example sentences are confirmed, click the Compile button to load compiled JSON into the textarea below. It may take a while for the audios to be ready.  Further corrections may be made at this stage.  Once the JSON is confirmed, click the Add button to add this entry to the quiz shown in the selection box on the left.